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Využite príležitosť a staňte sa výhradným majiteľom časti komplexu s prístupom k všetkým službám.

Stable income

Expected monthly income from accommodation
Comprehensive management and utilization of the apartment

Each owner of the apartment receives income – fixed percentages from each stay based on a regular monthly report on the utilization of his apartment. The current income assumption for the apartment is from EUR 10,800/year. Our company provides complex services connected with the exploitation and management of the object. In the case of extraction through our company, this service is not charged additionally.

Beneficial investment

Increase in invested value by 10% per year
Uniqueness of the project and breathtaking location

Real estates are considered as one of the best places to keep your money. And taking into account the location and nature of the project, we do not expect that in the near future someone will build an artificial lake, a private water park, so close to the historic Lipa Garden. All of these aspects guarantee that the value will increase in price by an average of 10% per year. In the future, our company will also provide subsequent resale, which will speed up problem-free sales. So your income is not only from accommodation, but also from owning such an apartment, because the price will rise over the time.


Free use of the apartment 21 days a year
Free season admissions tickets and discounts on services

Membership in the Owners Club Tilia. Each owner of the apartment, or designated persons, when occupying the apartment by our company, are entitled to stable benefits, namely

  • 4 year-round passes for access to the beach,
  • 70% discount to the year-round water park, including wellness,
  • 21 days a year of free use of your property in the off-season or, with permission, in the season according to available capacities, including free cleaning, delivery of bed linen and beach towels. Above these days, the owner can book his stay 2 days in advance before arriving at any time, but not for longer than 3 days, if the apartment is free. These days, the owner only pays for room cleaning and related services,
  • 15% discount on restaurant services in the area,
  • 15% discount on the rental of sports equipment / boats, water bikes, etc.

The selling price includes the price of the apartment including complete equipment. The sale price is valid only under the conditions of signing the Occupancy Agreement, otherwise the price is higher by 60,000. EUR. The apartment is currently available for viewing in the accommodation facility Gäceľ, Dolný Kubín. The apartment also includes an owner’s share of the land around the building and an easement for the use of the road and parking lots in front of the building.

To reserve an apartment, a Reservation Agreement is signed with a deposit of 5,000EUR for the necessary time to prepare the Contract on the future purchase contract – normal time up to one month, maximum three months.

Payment of the purchase price:

  • First payment in the amount of 30% of the purchase price upon signing the Contract on the Future Purchase Agreement
  • Second payment in the amount of 30% of the purchase price upon completion of the rough construction (completed roof and installation of windows)
  • Third payment in the amount of 30% of the purchase price after the completion of the interior works
  • Fourth payment in the amount of 10% of the purchase price after approval of the object  

The contract on the future purchase contract contains:

  • Graphic representation of the apartment within the location
  • Floor plan of the internal layout
  • Description of the internal equipment
  • Sample contract on the transfer of property ownership and the establishment of encumbrances
  • Territorial plan with legal validity

Contracts on the transfer of ownership of real estate and the establishment of encumbrances
Agreement for the provision of services
Lease and Extraction Agreement

Occupancy and all related activities and costs are carried out by the property manager. Active price management – ​​flexible pricing is done actively to maximize the profit of the owners.

Income from renting apartments – the owner of the apartment receives a percentage of the basic daily rent. The income does not count only from the own apartment, but with a fair approach as the ratio of those rented out of the total number of one category of accommodation.

The area is regularly taken care of. Mowing, road maintenance, lighting, water area and electricity supply, for which the fee is 150 EUR/month. If the object is managed and occupied, the fee doesn’t have to be paid.

The owner has the right to 21 days a year of free use of his property in the off-season or, with permission, also in the season according to available capacities. Outside of these dates, he can book it as well, if the objects are free, but he pays the costs of cleaning the object. The owner can book a stay 2 days in advance at any time, but not for more than 3 days, if it is free.

  • For every 30,000.00 EUR invested in the project and exploitation of the apartment by our company, the owner receives the benefit of 2 free admission ticket with your name on it which you can use to go to the beach and also 70 per cent discount to the indoor pool., 15 per cent discount to the rental shops and restaurants.
  • CLUB of owners is being established.
  • Once a month, the owner receives a report on the income of his property by email
  • The yield is paid to the owner every quarter on the 15th of the following month
  • The owner pays energy bills / also electricity, water, sewerage bills/ which are invoiced quarterly
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